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Behold the Scariest Homes of TikTok: Hair-Raising Footage You Can’t Unsee

TikTok has videos on everything from cute cats to twerking tweens, so it’s no surprise that you’ll also find oodles of spooky houses in the mix.

Granted, much of the eerie footage—of ghostly apparitions caught on security cams, moving dolls, creepy messages scrawled on walls—could be fake. Or is it? Only you can be the judge after taking a look. So if you’re up for some hair-raising entertainment just in time for Halloween, behold the scariest homes of TikTok. Even the most die-hard skeptic might feel some chills as they watch all the weird things that can happen inside our home

While removing wallpaper, this homeowner found something puzzling: Each room’s wallpaper had a different person’s name scrawled on the other side. A Google search of these names revealed that each belonged to a missing person.

Does that mean this home once housed a bunch of kidnapping victims? To find out, this homeowner contacted the police, at which point the plot takes a “Silence of Lambs” twist we don’t want to spoil, so take a look (if you dare).

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